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  1. Abortion rally, Georgia

    Nearly two dozen states and municipalities are suing the U.S. government to stop a new rule that allows health-care providers to object to providing services that conflict with their moral or religious beliefs.

  2. Britain Farage

    A closer look at the day's most notable stories with The National's Jonathon Gatehouse: British public has taken to pelting politicians with milkshakes to show their displeasure; Canada's approach to couples when housing patients in care facilities would be unheard of in places like Sweden.

  3. Turkey Iraq

    State-run Iraqi media are quoting Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi as saying Baghdad will send delegations to the U.S. and Iran to help end tensions between the two countries.

  4. Student Debt Pledge

    Morehouse College, the private, all-male, historically black college in Atlanta that counts Martin Luther King among its alumni, expects its attendees to aspire to greatness. Now, many in the graduating class of 2019 can do so immediately, no matter the cost.

  5. Poland Sextuplets

    A 29-year-old Polish mother who gave birth to sextuplets has been able to leave her hospital bed and visit her babies in another ward, where the infants are said to be doing fine.